• ACI Pure Salt (লবণ) 1kg

    ACI Pure Salt (লবণ) 1kg is priced at Tk.50

    Salt is the most important ingredient in cooking. Without salt, nothing tastes good. Sometimes foods become uneatable without salt. ACI brings the purest salt that is full of sodium and potassium.

    Salt balances all other tastes of foods. ACI ensures the purity of salt. Very effective against the thyroid. Produced from natural elements like seawater, and sodium chloride. Salt also helps meat, grains boil faster. You can also buy Fresh Super Premium Salt 1kg.

    Benefits of ACI Salt

    Salt is not only used in seasoning but also used as a healthy food item. Some benefits of ACI Pure Salt.

    • Boosts immunity.
    • Fight against the thyroid.
    • Good for healing low blood pressure.
    50.00৳ 55.00৳  9% off

    ACI Pure Salt (লবণ) 1kg

    50.00৳ 55.00৳  9% off

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